The Swing Dolls are a dynamic female vocal trio who captivate and entertain with stunning close harmonies, as well as show-stopping costumes and stylish choreography.

They specialize in performing songs from girl groups spanning pop music history, with a focus on the hits of the Forties and Fifties, made famous by such greats as The Andrews Sisters and The McGuire Sisters. The trio’s authentic renditions of classic hits like "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" and "Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight" are adored by audiences of all ages.


The Swing Dolls can also transform themselves into the sassy pop groups of the '60s and '70s in two new productions: The Sixties Girl Groups, featuring hits such as "One Fine Day" and "My Boyfriend's Back," and Tribute to "Mamma Mia": the Music of ABBA.

In addition to their repertoire of classic hits, The Swing Dolls are the perfect choice for Fourth of July, Veterans Day, and other patriotic events. Through their toe-tapping repertoire of patriotic songs, as well as a very special salute to the Armed Forces, they offer a heartfelt tribute to the USA.

With fabulous costumes, meticulously arranged custom charts and pre-recorded tracks, The Swing Dolls provide an exciting show for events ranging from intimate soirees to large concert halls. They can perform with their own live band, tracks, or even a cappella.

The Swing Dolls are comprised of Christina Challey, Andrea Lee Davis, and Robin Kelly. In addition to appearing as a trio in film, television and stage productions, these gorgeous ladies have extensive solo careers as vocalists and actresses.

Be it a Corporate Event, a Major Hotel Showroom, a Concert Hall, a Hollywood Premier Party, a Wedding, Birthday, or Anniversary Celebration, The Swing Dolls are the perfect highlight!


Along with their performing talents, Robin, Christina and Andrea have contributed their individual skills to the formation of The Swing Dolls- Andrea, as vocal arranger and choreographer; Robin, as talent coordinator and business manager; and Christina, as PR and marketing director. A very special thanks to all the arrangers, choreographers, costumers, engineers, musicians, photographers, and web designers who have also contributed. Among the many: Steve Welch, Eric Messerschmidt, Paul Kurokawa, Joe Cataldo, Mike Zelazo, Dave Hill, Don French, Shawn Lindell, Jim Ishii, Bill Kilpatrick, Dina Bennett, Stan Watkins, Tatiana Turan, Jeff Weeks, Brian Bonn, Brad Powell, Robert Martin, Amy DeBourget, Sevag Derderian, Buddy Gibbons, Sean Callan, and Brian Hamilton. Finally, Christina, Robin, and Andrea would like to extend their gratitude to Fran Dimmick, producer, music director, pianist and arranger, for her dedication and talent in creating the show, "That Sentimental Swing," which first brought these three singers together.

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